IMG-20170514-WA0019My third pregnancy was actually my first vegan pregnancy. To this day when I look at Micah I am still blown away that I made this human entirely out of plants. Maybe because I have been told my entire life that you need animal products to be healthy and grow properly, or maybe it’s because I let the fears and anxieties of others influence my thought! Or maybe because I was insecure at the beginning as well… I am still not so sure why but I am still amazed by this little boy. He is a healthy, happy, chubby little man and seeing him today makes me realize how wrong I have been about what health can be all along. I wanted to share my experience because I think it is important to share that it is very possible to have a healthy vegan pregnancy and post partum!

I know that a vegan diet is not for everyone, heck I NEVER thought it was for me. Before I had Micah I was a full blown carnivorous paleo. I ate meat or some form of animal product with EVERY meal. We had eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch and beef for dinner. I made my coffee with butter and we had cheese and yogurt all the time for it’s probiotics. I was what I thought to be ‘healthy’. I was not overweight or outwardly sick. But I did have thyroid issues, low energy, brain fog and I just never felt full of energy.. but anyways that is for another post. What I wanted to discuss here is my experience having a vegan pregnancy. Was I healthy, was I deficient, did I have any problems and how healthy is my baby compared to my other 2 children?

Ok so my pregnancy! I transitioned into a plant based diet a few months before I became pregnant. So I was very nervous when I became pregnant because I was still so new to veganism. I wanted to make sure my baby was receiving all the nutrients he needed and that I was not depriving my body or my baby of anything (echo the protein and iron debate) . SO, shortly after I discovered I was pregnant I asked my doctor to do some blood work to check my iron, calcium, B12 and folate. I was not on any prenatals at this point so I was very nervous about the state of my nutrition. It is one thing making a decision for yourself, but it is an entirely other thing to decide something for another, especially a growing child. My decisions when pregnant could affect him for life! So I was very happy to see that my blood results were all normal or in the high range of normal, except iron. However I must mention that iron has always been an issue for me. When I was paleo eating red meat every single day I was still low on iron.  So I didn’t concern myself to much with that and started a vegan supplement plus b12 right away. I now know that my issues with iron is my absorption of iron and I am taking the steps to help correct this.


As my pregnancy continued I got my blood levels checked every few months to check my some of the main nutrients that many suggest are deficient in a vegan diet. They always came back normal, except iron which was slightly on the low end of normal.

Ok now for the bad news (sorry but it was not all roses and sunshine). This third pregnancy was a very hard one for me. This shocked me because I had easy, movie type pregnancies with my other two boys. No vomitting, no major nausea and I worked until a few days before they were both born. With Micah (this vegan pregnacy)  I had to go on medical leave at 21 weeks because I felt so incredibly sick.  At first I chalked it up to finally having a girl, so imagine my surprise when I found out it was another boy hahaha. Then I thought it was because my iron was so low. In fact my hemoglobin also dropped a bit. But this corrected itself when I switched to a stronger dose of iron (I used floravit, which is a vegan brand) while the sick feeling remained. It wasn’t until Micah was born that we realized why I may have been so sick (complications with his placenta). But throughout my entire pregnancy I was worried that my dietary choice was maybe the reason I was feeling so bad. I’ll be honest there were a few times when I was really sick and feeling horrible that I questioned my decision to 23733916_1169709339832197_995494078281940992_nbecome vegan while pregnant. But then I thought logically! How could eating plants and beans and fruit make my body deficient or sick! I tracked my macros and micros on cronometer and followed up with blood tests, spoke to my midwife and that helped me relax a lot. Mostly because I saw that I was receiving all my baby needed.  Being a researcher by training I spent many hours reading peer reviewed articles about veganism and it’s safety (Check this blog post for the resources ). HOWEVER, one thing I must mention is that just being ‘vegan’ does not mean you are eating well or even healthy. I bag of potato chips are vegan, and so are many processed foods! So I took the time and effort to make healthy choices and eat a WHOLE FOOD plant based diet!

GroceryMicahHaul2Ok so how was my baby, was he healthy and is he growing? My son Micah was born on Christmas day after a short labour weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz. He was my smallest baby (the other 2 were 7lb 13oz, and 7lb, 6oz) but healthy and just perfect. He is a very calm, patient, happy little 5 month old today (as I write this). And despite being my samllest (but still a very good birth weight) he is a CHUNK! Weighing in at almost 21 lbs at 5 months! I had no issues nursing and I have an amazing milk supply. I make sure to eat enough calories from whole plant based foods and stay hydrated to allow my body to make enough milk! I think a huge part of successful breastfeeding has to do with hydration and caloric intake.

SO, was I healthy, yes I believe so. Was I deficient, absolutely not! And how healthy is my baby compared to my other 2 children, so far he is healthy and happy. The only difference…. he has NO gas or digestive issues!!! Both my other two boys had MAJOR stomach cramps, gas, bloating and reflux as babies! So I will just leave it here that I think the main reason for this is my very clean diet. I especially kept my diet free from many irritants during the first 3 months post partum. I didn’t consume caffein, chocolate, gluten, or heavy spices (and obviously eggs and dairy) and minimal to no alcohol.

Today I am so grateful and happy I trusted myself and did the research to make sure I was on a healthy track. If you are considering a vegan pregnancy, heck if you are just plain pregnant, regardless of your diet choice, make sure you are receiving all the nutrients you need. Download cronometer and track your food intake and ask for a few blood tests to make sure you are hitting all your macros and micronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals)! Don’t rely solely on your prenatals! If you are super sick then try your best with soups, veggie stock, smoothies and fresh juices and supplement with high quality supplements where you need it.

2 Comments on “My vegan pregnancy

  1. You may want to look into cooking with cast iron. It leeches little bits of iron into your meals, and actually is the reason I haven’t had to take iron supplements my entire pregnancy. (:
    It’s totally safe, and definitely safer than using non-stick pots and pans which leeches toxic grossness into your food anyways.
    Try that and see if that helps boost your iron levels


    • Thank you! I actually started cooking with it half way thru my pregnancy! I love using them and would never go back 🙂
      Thanks for the comment 😍


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