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6 Tofu Recipes for Quick & Healthy Dinners Your Family Will Gobble up


What are you making for dinner tonight? No idea? Well, I got you covered with 6 easy tofu recipes all on a printable card. Stick to your fridge or save to your phone for easy reference. Gluten-free, plant-based and totally kid-approved!

six easy tofu recipes for families

So, when you find yourself in the kitchen, standing in front of the oven, with no idea what to make just pick one of these easy tofu recipes to try. This card was created after I got fed up trying to remember how to make these family favorite recipes. Sick of having to check the blog or IG I decided to put it all on a printable page to stick to my fridge. Yes, we make them that often 😉

Most of these recipes are saucy because I LOVE a good saucy dish. Some of my favourite places to eat back in the day were Chinese restaurants for this reason. I mean general tao chicken or orange sesame tofu were dishes I dreamed about. But I quickly got tired of how awful I felt afterward.

After having kids, I knew I did not want to expose to them that ‘crappy’ food feeling. So I started creating clean versions of our favorite meals at home! It’s amazing what you will do for your kids but not for yourself (eye roll).

When Jaden started getting digestive issues and food intolerances (you can read about that here), I really began paying attention to my own diet and the foods I would eat. Before that point in my life, I was plagued with my own digestive issues and an almost constant stomach pain.

I never realized the connection between food and health before that point. But no matter how often you hear ‘you are what you eat’ this intimate connection we have between how we feel and what we eat is so easily overlooked.

So I am so happy to share these recipes with you! To help you guys keep a clean and healthy diet without compromising on flavor! These dishes have quickly become some of our favs, on constant repeat. You can use a different protein if you prefer. I have made a few of these with chickpea and chicken (back when I ate meat). I hope you enjoy this recipe card and it helps you as much as it has helped me.

If you do up making any of these recipes, I would love it if you leave a comment down below or share a photo with me over on Instagram (


easy tofu recipe card with plantbased family recipes

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