About ME


I am Patricia, a 35-year-old neuroscientist, mama of 3 spunky boys and married to a loving husband! Originally born in Brazil I am now living in Toronto, Canada with my family. I love all things food and capturing that feeling on camera!

I am extremely passionate about research, photography, learning to make delicious easy recipes, eating intuitively, and gardening (whenever possible here in Ontario).  I believe food has such a powerful influence in our health and wellbeing and I love to share that knowledge with my boys and with all of you. The connection we have to food and the culture surrounding the simple act of eating is so beautiful and magical to experience. I believe our relationship with food, especially healthy meals, should be as magical and empowering. This is what I strive to teach my own children, the importance of trusting ourselves to eat intuitively, because hey what is life without the occasional ice cream!

However, this connection to food was not always so empowering for me. I began on this journey after my son became sick. He was suffering from eczema,  multiple food allergies, stomach pain, slow sluggish digestion, and behavioral issues.  We were lost as to how to help him and frustrated having to watch him live in pain and irritation. His abdomen was always swollen and he was always close to threshold with his emotional state. With no clear answers we began on a journey of healing and recovery using whole plant-based foods (read more on this here, and our eczema story here).


I initially began an Instagram account as a way to gain inspiration and recipes for our new lifestyle. I was feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed with all the cooking and changes that we were making in our lives and needed some guidance and direction. Over the first year, it evolved into something beautiful. A supportive community that has inspired and fuelled my love of simple, easy meals that heal and nourish our bodies. This first step opened my eyes to the power of healthy eating and this deep connection between food and health!

I hope to share with you what I have learned through these past few years on here. I want to share the recipes we make and the journey we are still walking to hopefully inspire and educate those seeking their own journey to health. As a mother of 3 very energetic boys, my recipes have to be kid approved yet delicious enough for the adults (i mean I am a foodie after all) and fast to make! Because I would rather play with my boys then stand in the kitchen 😉