Ok so the rice part of this dish is like the easiest dish to make! It was actually one of the first dishes I made regularly in grad school. Back then I use to smoother it with cheese making it super gooey… Read More

OK so when I make ‘curry’ I just make it with the flavors that I enjoy. I have actually never really followed a curry recipe so I am not even sure if this is considered a curry hahaha. But I find curry… Read More

I was at the farm the other day and they had so many beautiful asparagus and peas! With the inspiration of these veggies the recipe for this salad came together surprisingly easy as I found myself in the kitchen wondering what to… Read More

What’s a Saturday without a burger right!!! So I put this recipe together one Saturday afternoon as I found myself, once again, with a house full of hungry boys at 4:30 pm and nothing prepped for dinner. The warm march sun (despite… Read More

A hardy and delicious noodle bowl