Its snowing here, a lot! We got hit with a snow storm yesterday here in Toronto wit some areas getting almost 25 cm in a few hours. Friends of ours in Ottawa got even more then that! For the first time in… Read More

Ok maybe not the best name for this dish but when I think of the ingredients I used for the filling I think slaw, lol. Maybe Savoury would be a better option 🙂 Anyhoo, these are not the typical things I would… Read More

OK so I could eat oatmeal like every day of my life, and actually that is mostly true (except for the past few weeks, we have been on a waffle craze!). But otherwise I think I have been eating oatmeal like every… Read More

These granola bars are super easy and have been a staple at our house. The best thing about them is that this recipe can be a base recipe for a variety of flavours. You can change up the type of seeds or… Read More