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Citralicious Blood Orange Popsicle


Its snowing here, a lot! We got hit with a snow storm yesterday here in Toronto wit some areas getting almost 25 cm in a few hours. Friends of ours in Ottawa got even more then that! For the first time in years the Toronto School Board closed! But here in Maple, a city just shy North of Toronto we got zip! I mean we got a bit of snow but its instead of being on the snow belt we were mostly spared by the huge amount of snow that got dumped here.


Anyhoo, my kids went to school but I picked them up early to let them enjoy the bit of snow we got. We also finished the last of these Popsicle to help brighten us up. Snow storms are pretty but it can get very gloomy for a few days surrounding one. With valentines day around the corner these would also make a delicious healthy valentines day treat. You could use grapefruit juice or beets to change the color for a more festive feel!

The recipe for these is super easy and if you don’t have a juicer you can just use store bought orange juice. The benefit being these are a super healthy, mom approved treat! So when my kids asked for seconds I had no issues saying yes!

I use these popsicle mold by Onyx and they work well. I like them because the popsicles don’t stick to them, they are easy to use and reduce waste by eliminating the need for me to buy popsicles at the store, which are usually individually wrapped. And if nothing else I by making these at home I can tailor the flavour or ingredients to what my kids love!

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Citralicious Blood Orange Popsicle

A healthy refreshing treat good enough even for the adults.

Credit: atmytable


  • 6 medium sized blood oranges, ~ 1 cup
  • 6 navel oranges, ~ 1 cup
  • 2 tbs maple syrup
  • 1 cups of dark chocolate
  • 2 tbs coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup boiling water


  1. Peel the blood and navel oranges and juice them with a juicer. If you don’t have a juicer you can squeeze the juice out but you may need more then 6 each.
  2. Mix the navel orange juice with 1 tbs of maple syrup then pour into each mold stopping half way. Then place in the freezer for 2 hours.
  3. Once frozen mix the blood orange juice with 1 tbs of the maple syrup then pour into the mold until each mold is full. Then place back into the freezer for another 2 hours.
  4. To prep the chocolate add all the chocolate and oil to the boiling water. Let it sit for 1 minute then stir to combine. IF the chocolate hasn’t fully melted you can microwave it slowly or use a double boiler to melt fully. Let the chocolate slightly cool to not melt the popsicle.
  5. When popsicle is frozen remove from the mold then dip into the chocolate. Place onto a silicon baking sheet or a plate then return to freezer quickly. Leave it until the chocolate is fully cooled then serve!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy!

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