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Lunch\ Dinner

Creamy Easy Tofu Risotto


Risotto! Next to cake this was another recipe I never thought I could make. I remember watching Hell’s Kitchen, where Gordon Ramsey would lose his marbles almost every time the student chefs made risotto. Countless meals being thrown in the garbage because they weren’t up to his standards. But you […]

Desserts and Snacks

1-Bowl Hazelnut Cake


OK real talk for a moment, making cake scares me! For real the thought of baking is not something that I am easy about. To start, up until a few years ago we didn’t even have a oven that worked like it was suppose to. PLUS we had to go […]

Desserts and Snacks

Tofu Truffle Bites


You know I use to HATE tofu! Seriously, back in high school I tried it once and thought it was so gross. Little did I know that Tofu would be one of my most favourite and relied upon product in my adult life. The key to tofu is in the […]