Eco-Friendly gifts are trending, thank goodness! Besides being a perfect gift for someone who has it all, these gifts are thoughtful, sustainable, reusable and just great for the environment.

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In a throw-away society, full of fast fashion, amazon delivery, and cheap labor it seems like everyone has everything and at a cost to our planet. Setting aside the environmental impact (because let’s be honest most people don’t give a sh*t), I am personally tired of cheaply made products and gifts I have no use for.

So I created this list of sustainable, eco-friendly gift ideas that are perfect for just about anyone.

Now I encourage you to buy local, but as my audience is not restricted to Toronto, Ontario I will be linking to products that are accessible hopefully to you. If you can source these products locally I encourage you to first attempt to support your local business people. So the idea of this post is to give you ideas and spark your desire to give eco-friendly gifts!

Generic Eco-Friendly gift ideas, for everyone!

Those were a few more generic eco-friendly gifts. I also wanted to share a section more specific for males and females. I always find it so hard to shop for men so I knew I wanted to have that section in here. Enjoy!

Low-waste gift for HIM:

Zero-waste gift for HER:

I hope you enjoyed this eco-friendly gift guide. If you have any other gift suggestions please leave them in the comments below. I will try and add to this list whenever I can! For more zero-waste information check out these posts for a way to reuse your food scraps to make free veggie broth or homemade almond milk. Or this one on how to have a zero-waste Halloween.

And if you’re interested in some yummy plant-based gluten-free recipes that deliver on flavor, check out my recipe section!


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