About Patricia

Hiya, I am Patricia. Thank you for coming by! I am a Toronto based food photographer, food blogger, and recipe and content creator.

I find the connection we each have to food, the culture surrounding the simple act of eating is so beautiful and magical so I always strive to capture that feeling on camera. Originally trained as a neuroscientist, my passion for food photography sprung from the desire to share how powerful healthy eating can be over our health. What began as a personal journey for our family transitioned into sharing our recipes and connecting with people over food and health. And what better way to connect then through mouth watering images.

My images are shot using natural light and real food and ingredients. I love taking lifestyle food photos and product shots.

I also love creating healthy recipes for this blog and to share those recipes with my virtual community. My recipes are kid approved yet delicious enough for the adult palette. I love to collaborate in recipe development and recipe photography with food brands or bloggers.

My greatest joy comes from photographing food and the act surround making and eating a meal. My passion for photography has been lifelong sprung by my homemade darkroom in my childhood home. I even paused my undergraduate degree to attend the New York Film Academy to learn about videography.

When not taking photos or developing recipes I am hanging out with my three energetic boys and husband likely camping, hiking or on a football field.