Let the winter holiday-themed recipes commence! First up this soothing velvety dairy-free, sugar-free hot chocolate recipe! Add a shot of expresso to yours and some marshmallows to the kids. And if you are really special, a shot of sambuca works well too (wink wink)

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velvety hot chocolate being poured into a coconut cup

Winter is Canada. The months of freezing temperatures, the air that burns your face, the snow dumps and salt-covered boats, pants and jacket. Shoveling, de-icing your car, and being cooped up indoors!

Yet I wouldn’t trade this season away for one glorious reason! Because there is nothing better than sipping a nice warm soothing hot cocoa cuddled with the family watching a snow storm blow outdoors.

I still remember the days when my father would wake me and my sister up with popcorn to watch a good snowstorm! There is something so magical about freshly fallen snow, blanketing the world and muffling all the noise!

Dairy-free hot cocoa Tips:

There is not much you need to know to make the best vegan hot chocolate recipe. You can use any plant milk you like, however, it may alter the taste slightly.

Because this is a dairy-free recipe, you can essentially use any flavour of plant milk you enjoy. Using coconut milk would give you that coconut sweet flavour. So if you are into that you may want to use coconut milk. My son hates coconut so we stick to oat because of its subtle smooth flavour.

Next to the milk selection just make sure you have good quality spices and a blender. The blender will help incorporate and

Hot chocolate recipe hack

Ok, let me share a little secret! You can use chocolate milk if you don’t have cocoa. Just add the spices and heat it up. Most chocolate milk already are sweetened so make sure you are not adding that in either.

For more comforting recipes be sure to check out this fluffy gluten-free brownie or this easy chia pudding recipe.

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Until then, tchau

The Perfect Dairy-free Hot Chocolate Recipe, cinnamon spice winter treat!

Recipe by atmytableCourse: Snacks, treats, drinkCuisine: holiday, vegan, dairy-freeDifficulty: Easy


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Warming velvety hot chocolate. Snuggle up with a cup. A treat everyone can enjoy that is sugar free, dairy free and guilt free!



    • Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until well combined.
    • Add to a pot and warm over medium heat. Serve with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, vegan marshmellos or just as is. We love to add expresso to the adult cups!

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    hot cocoa being poured from a pot into a coconut cup

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