What is a switch witch? And what should I do with all this extra candy? Not to worry, I got you covered this Halloween. Let me explain all about the switch witch, how we navigate Halloween (with a food allergy) and what to do with all that extra candy.

Before I begin, what are your Halloween traditions? Does Halloween waste or sugar consumption bother you? Do you have a child with a food allergy who can’t eat most of the treats? I would love to hear your comment below.

I find myself always going back and forth on this celebration. While I love seeing our kids have fun, get creative, and engage with the neighborhood, I am always mindful of what message this sends. What expectations will they have for the world, and is this holiday a harmless one, or one that teaches mindless consumption?

I reckon that it depends on how your child experiences Halloween. What traditions are you adapting and sharing with your child? Here are a few of our family favourites and how to navigate food allergies and reducing our Halloween sugar high.

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The Switch Witch, best Halloween tradition yet!

The switch witch started visiting our house shortly after we discovered Jaden’s food allergies. Being our first Halloween navigating food allergies I was unsure how to go trick-or-treating without it causing some tears. So, I got to researching and I began searching around for ideas.

I could buy back his candy, but the idea of giving my child money in exchange for candy seemed weird. Another option was to ask the neighbors to hand out allergy-friendly candy (that we previously purchased). But I wanted my son to have realistic expectations about the world around him. And It is important to teach a child how to navigate the world with food allergies.

Then the lightbulb moment, I heard about the switch witch and I knew she had to visit us ;).

So how does it work? The switch witch can be whatever you want her to be. Essentially she is switching out the candy for something in return. Feel free to put your own spin on it but here is what we do.

The Switch Witch basket always contains something they need, like new gloves for winter. Something they want, like a few hot wheels cars, or a cool book. And of course, a few allergy-friendly treats. Make it extra eco-friendly with used toys, book swaps or second-hand winter gear.

What happens to the candy? Keep reading to find out how we deal with all that extra Halloween candy.

What to do with the extra candy

What to do with extra Halloween candy solutions

Here are a few ways you can ‘deal’ with the extra candy.

There you have it, a few sustainable and easy Halloween tradition ideas. Managing holidays with food allergies doesn’t mean missing out on the fun. There are so many creative and easy solutions for making Halloween more sustainable and less wasteful!

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What to do with all your Halloween candy, switch witch

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