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15 minute Vegan Butter Chicken Without The Cream Sauce


A rich and creamy butter chicken without the cream. Actually without the chicken either! A 15-minute recipe made using a healthy clean jarred sauce with some chickpeas and tofu for a healthy vegan family meal. Perfect for busy nights when you need a clean but fast recipe in your back pocket!

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Butter chicken is so so rich and creamy, isn’t it! Packed full of flavour and just so satisfying! But going dairy-free doesn’t mean you have to give this creamy recipe up! There are so many ways to make butter chicken without the cream or the chicken! But as a busy mama, I also know that having a 15-minute recipe in my dinner arsenal is key to sticking to a healthy vegan and gluten-free diet!

This is why I am excited to create a 15-minute vegan butter chicken recipe with a brand that I love to provide you with lightning-quick vegan family meals!

45 degree of a bowl of vegan butter chicken with tofu and chickpeas with a side of rice

A 15 minute butter chicken recipe without the cream or the chicken

There is no shame in needing a little help getting a healthy family dinner out on the table. Am I am right ladies! Especially if you only have 15 minutes to do it! But needing a quick and easy family meal does not mean you need to compromise on the flavour!

Now I have attempted to create my own butter sauce before. But to be honest, as a mama of three, who loves to be out and about, I need to have some ready-made meals in my dinner arsenal. Because I do not always have the time or foresight to meal prep creating a pretty freezer full of nutritious and healthy family recipes. Hashtag goals!

So I was so excited when one of my favourite brands came out with a butter sauce, that is also vegan! Butter tofu here we come! And just to be clear this is not a sponsored post, I just truly love GoodFoodForGood butter chicken sauce. Actually they have an entire line of cooking sauces all made with no artificial sugar because it is sweetened with dates! Goodbye Heinz and hello Good Food For Good,!

top down view of a bowl of vegan butter chicken with 2 smaller bowl of rice and chickpeas and tofu on the side.

Should I use a pre-packaged sauce of butter chicken?

Not all sauces are created equal! This is true for flavour and for health! When choosing a ready-made sauce to use for my family I always look for a few things. Is it a vegan sauce? Is it a gluten-free sauce? And how much sugar does it have!

This may seem like an easy feat but I assure you it is not! You wouldn’t believe what you find when you read the labels of most commercial sauces out there. This is why I was so excited to discover the sauced from Good Food For Good! Their sauces are sweetened with dates and made from organic whole food ingredients that you would cook with yourself. They are free from gluten, soy, corn, refined sugars, and preservatives. And the VERY best part is that they are a buy one feed one venture! Which I think is just amazing.

The final sale was that their sauces come in glass jars! So they are easily upcycled or recycled! Along with their variety of ketchup and BBQ sauces, they have recently come out with some amazing cooking sauces like taco sauce, butter chicken, and coconut curry.

If you can not find them in stores just pop over to their website and order online here!

Straight on view of 3 bottles of Good Food For Good sauces
Birds eye view of a hand holding a spoon scooping up some vegan butter chicken made without cream with a side of steamed white rice
Top down view of bowl 3 bowls full with vegan butter chicken and a smaller bowl of rice on a wooden table

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I hope you enjoyed this vegan gluten free recipe! If you make this recipe be sure to tag me ( with your re-creations so I can share it over on Instagram!

Until next time, tchau

Vegan Butter Chicken Without The Cream

Want a fool proof way of making of making  butter chicken without any cream. A 15 minute meal made with a few ingredients. made with GoodFoodForGood sauce, tofu and chickeas for a vegan family meal you will love. The perfect busy weeknight recipe for a quick nourishing healthy dinner. 
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Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 16 mins
Course main dish
Cuisine Gluten-free, Vegan, vegetarian
Servings 6 servings
Calories 145 kcal


  • 1 jar of butter chicken sauce from Good Food For Good
  • 1 block tofu firm
  • 1 ½ cups chickpeas, rinsed or 1 can
  • 3 large tomatoes cubed
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 tbs sesame oil


  • Stoveop directions:
  • To a pot over medium high heat add in the sesame oil and the cubes tofu and chickeas. Cook for a few minutes to crown the tofu and chickpeas slightly.
  • Then add in the tomatoes, the entire jar of sauce and water. Cover and continue to cook over medium heat for another 10 or so minutes. 
  •  Remove from the heat and garnish with some fresh cilantro or serve over steamed rice or along a nice fresh salad.
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bowls of vegan butter tofu


  1. I’d love to ace meal prepping too, it’d save so much time! But, you can’t argue with a 15-minute meal, especially one that looks this delish!!

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