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12 EPIC Vegan Recipes to make for Non Vegans


Need some vegan recipes for dinner good enough for non-vegans. Well, you have come to the right place. Here are 12 epic and totally delicious recipes that will make you forget you are eating a vegan dish. From family favourites to crowd-pleasing recipes. I promise these recipes will help make eating plant-based a breeze. Simple to make and with no hard to find ingredients!

Psst: all of these recipes are also gluten free but feel free to use the gluten version of anything you see here.

12 images of different vegan recipes for non-vegans

Epic vegan dinner recipes non vegans will love

Something I get asked so often is which recipe is the best to make for non-vegans. And gosh there are so many amazing vegan recipes out there so it is hard to choose. I think the key here is to try not to ‘veganize’ a favourite recipe.

I learned that the hard way. Instead, focus on the many amazing naturally plant-based recipes out there.

Why go vegan

Whether you are trying to eat more plant-based for health reasons, ethical reasons or just for fun that is great! regardless of your reasons eating more plants is just AMAZING. I could list off here the many reasons why to go vegan but in the end, this decision is personal. Instead, I like to show you how easy and delicious it is top eat plants. And that you can totally be satisfied and full with these amazing recipes.

How to go vegan

Starting a plant based diet is a lot easier then you think. Start easy by trying out some of these recipes! These are some of the best vegan recipes we have tried (according to my non-vegan husband and friends). Jam-packed with flavour to show you that you do not have to feel deprived (or eat only salad) when transitioning to a vegan or plant-based diet.

I should mention that while many of these are just gluten free, do not feel obligated to also go gluten free. Actually I would suggest not tackling both of these transitions at the same time unless it is for health reasons.

Healthy delicious vegan recipes for dinners

This post has been long overdue. I often receive requests for “the best vegan recipes to serve non-vegans”. And I know that this is because most families out there have a mixed diet. Just like my own family. While we all choose to eat gluten free, only my son and myself have a gluten allergy. And while we maintain a mostly plant based diet, I am the only ‘vegan’ in my family.

So here you have it! A list of our my husbands, most favorite vegan recipes. These are plant based or vegan recipes we would serve to our friends and family when hosting them. Or bring along to a pot luck.

I will make sure to try and update this list as we move along on our journey. And if you have a totally epic amazing dish you want to share please leave a comment below with a link to your blog!

So here we go, with a list of satisfying, impressive, FLAVOURFUL vegan recipes for dinners

Roasted cauliflower and tofu tikka masala by iamstufft

The first of our vegan recipes for non-vegans. This Tikka Masala is a creamy comforting dish made with a blend of spices. Served with rice or roti it is sinfully delicious. Tikka masala is a slightly spicer, tomatoeyer cousin to a butter Masala is a. Ready in just 405 minutes, the vegetables are roasted and the dish comes together on the stove.

A cast iron pan with a healthy vegan curry for dinner.
Roasted cauliflower tikka masala by Iamstufft

High protein vegan Shepherd’s pie

This easy recipe for vegan shepherd’s pie also happens to be high in protein! Made with lentils or a mock meat ground), potatoes and whole food ingredients so you can nourish your family. Naturally gluten-free and totally delicious. This is a crowd-pleasing dish that even my pie hating husband loves.

Close up of a vegan Shepard's pie on a plate for an easy healthy dinner recipe

Finger licking good sticky sesame orange tofu

This recipe is always a pleaser. It is a sticky, sweet yet salty orange sesame tofu recipe. Ready in just 40 minutes with very little prep. A great recipes to introduce your loved ones to tofu. The flavours are amazing yet the recipe is simple. I promise this is a great recipe for non vegans.

Top down view of a bowl of orange sesame tofu recipe
Sticky orange sesame tofu

Orange Tempeh by plantsdish

Tempeh is the new sliced bread int he vegan world. It is simply fermented soy loaded with fiber, probiotics and healthy nutrients. And it makes some pretty killer recipes. From tempeh bacon to dishes like this one. This recipe is jam packed with flavour and perfect enough for weeknights. Ready in 40 minutes the tempeh is baked and the sauce is made on the stove.

Top down view of a bowl of orange tempeh recipe
Orange tempeh by plantsdish

Ginger and garlic golden curry by Lucy and lentils

Now you can not have an list of epic vegan foods without a curry recipe. And this curry delivers on flavour and ease. Made with tons of veggie for a rich comforting curry. A 30 minute recipe perfect for busy weeknights.

Birds eye view of a cast iron pan full of vegan ginger and garlic golden curry with fresh green onions for  healthy dinner
Ginger and garlic golden curry by Lucy and Lentils

The best tofu scramble recipe

If you are not aware yet, tofu makes a great scramble recipe. Especially if you use black salt. I promise any non-vegan will love a burrito tofu scramble recipe. This tofu scramble recipe is made with less than 10 ingredients in one pot. Wrap it up with your favourite tortilla and some veggies or serve on toast. A light dinner or easy lunch!

Close up shot of a tofu scramble breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu on the side
Easy tofu scramble

Crispy oil free vegan chicken fingers

Hands down my most requested dinner recipe. and most popular. These crispy almond crusted vegan chicken finger recipe may just be the most kid-approved recipe we have! Made with only a handful of simple whole food ingredients. This is a fun, recipe perfect even for non-tofu lovers. Dip into some BBQ sauce or spicy ketchup and you got yourself a winning recipe.

Top down view of a plate full of crispy vegan chicken fingers with a marinara sauce for dipping
Crispy oil free vegan chicken fingers

Yes, its vegan lasanga

This recipe is so much easier then you would expect. The ultimate comfort food in a vegan version. It also happens to freeze well so make two! Always a hit with friends and made with easy ingredients.

Close up shot of a slice of vegan and gluten free lasanga
Vegan gluten free lasagna

Asian salad make ahead lunch by this delicious house

If you need a lighter meal then this Asian noodle salad is perfect for you. It is filling enough to keep you fueled all day long thanks to protein-packed peanut butter. Plus, there is a healthy dose of veggies to make you feel extra good about what you are eating. For a gluten free version just swap the noddles for a gluten free brand. Plus it is made in 20 minutes for the ultimate quick meal.

Birds eye view of a bowl of Asian noddle salad with fresh sliced lime
Asian noodle salad by this delicious house

Cauliflower wings 2 ways

Easy, crispy oil-free cauliflower wings done in two different flavours. For an adult AND kid-approved meal. Salt and vinegar wings and buffalo wings. This recipe is actually my husband’s favourite. It is cheap to make and always a hit at parties.

Top down view of 2 plates with cauliflower wings surrounded by fresh cilantro on a wooden table
Cauliflower 2 ways

The easiest eggplant meatball recipe

These eggplant meatballs have a great texture. Made with eggplant, tomatoes, lentils and chickpea flour. They freeze well and come together fast. Serve them with some hummus in a wrap, with rice or smoothered in BBQ sauce.

Close up top down view of vegan eggplant meatballs on top of rice, tabbouleh salad and pits
Eggplant meatballs

Vegan Chickpea Tacos with Peach Salsa by Swirls of flavour

You can not make a list of epic foods without a taco recipe right! these chickpea tacos with lime-scented fresh peach salsa are just the perfect recipe! Use hard shells or soft for a deliciously easy recipe. An under 30-minute meal for a quick and easy dinner.

Top down view of a healthy vegan dinner of tacos
Chickpea tacos by Swirls of Flavor

And that is all folk. I hop you enjoyed this list of epic vegan recipes for non-vegans. And while this list has some great ones here are a few more to try.

What are some of your favorite vegan recipes to serve non-vegans. I would love to hear them. Comment down below or connect with me over on Instagram (@at.my.table)

12 Epic vegan recipes to make for non vegans

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