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bowl of spiced lentils, quinoa and raw veggies
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Easy Spiced Lentil Buddha Bowl Recipe

I live off buddha bowls most days. As a busy mama, I need quick throw-together meals that don’t require much cooking or recipes to follow. These super easy spiced lentils can be batch made and then thrown onto a buddha bowl, on top of a salad, or as a taco […]

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Oil and Nut-Free Creamy Pesto Recipe for Pasta!

Finally, a creamy pesto recipe for pasta that is not only delicious but healthy too! No more oil soaked noodles with this oil AND nut free pesto sauce. Another mom approved clean sauce to smoother over your favorite pasta, use and a sandwich spread or veggie dip! A 15-minute pesto […]

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Fast and Simple Lentils and Rice

Another simple and quick meal coming at you! With summer break just around the corner I have been really trying to figure out which of my recipes are super easy, kid approved, and adult delicious. I will have 3 kiddos full time at home for almost 2 months so I […]