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Creamy Easy Tofu Risotto

Risotto! Next to cake this was another recipe I never thought I could make. I remember watching Hell’s Kitchen, where Gordon Ramsey would lose his marbles almost every time the student chefs made risotto. Countless meals being thrown in the garbage because they weren’t up to his standards. But you […]

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1-Bowl Hazelnut Cake

OK real talk for a moment, making cake scares me! For real the thought of baking is not something that I am easy about. To start, up until a few years ago we didn’t even have a oven that worked like it was suppose to. PLUS we had to go […]

S'more muffin being drizzled with chocolate
Desserts and Snacks

S’more Veggies Please Muffins

Gluten free, vegan, delicious! Scrolling Instagram can be a dangerous thing! You’re scrolling to connect or seek inspiration for dinner when all of a sudden you stop mid-scroll and come face to face with the most beautiful decadent chocolatey fluffy muffin, or rich delcious cake or a refreshing, creamy ice […]

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VeganCuts Snack box review

This month I was asked to review a snack box by Vegan Cuts and I was beyond excited to see what goodies they have to offer. You can read my review below and don’t forget to check out the delicious sunflower chunk cookie recipe (here) I made with one of […]

Lunch\ Dinner

Tofu, Leek and Onion Saute, Easy Recipe For Leeks.

What could be better than this easy recipe for leeks? A colourful, fresh recipe with sliced leeks, cubed tofu and onions. Jam-packed with flavour, this simple vegetarian leek recipe is a really favourite. Made with gluten-free flour for a quick weeknight dinner or winning side dish for family get together. […]

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Creamy Almond Milk

Once of the hardest things after cutting out dairy from my diet was actually what I was going to add to my coffee. I went thru sooo many different brands of milk to try and find one I liked but I found that they either had TONS of other crap […]

Parenting tips

My Healthy Vegan Pregnancy Journey

Can a vegan have a healthy pregnancy? By far the most common question I received when I fell pregnant with my third (and first vegan) baby. Concerns, comments and general interest I received them all. In an effort to normalize vegan pregnancies, as to add yet another healthy vegan pregnancy […]


About me!

Hello! I am Patricia, a 35 year old mama of 3 spunky boys and a loving husband living in Toronto, Canada. I am passionate about making and enjoying delicious easy recipes, eating intuitively, packing healthy food to go, gardening, and healing our bodies with whole plant based foods.  I teach and […]

Our Journey to Health

Discovering and healing gut damage

  This is our son’s journey from discovering gut damage to healing it!  First let me start by saying that I am not a medical doctor or a certified medial professional. This story is my own experience and the suggestions are just that, a suggestion of what worked for us. […]